Self-Storage For E-Commerce Stores


An e-commerce site offers a great way to sell your product without the need of an expensive storefront – but there still is one physical space problem: where do you keep your inventory?One option is a self-storage facility. These rentable units can be used for anything, but it’s very easy to set up a few shelves and turn the place into your very own personal warehouse.

A commercial storage unit works much like a warehouse, too. You are the only one with access to the unit, with an exclusive passcode that no one else knows. You can access the unit any time you want, and add or remove as many items as you’d like, whenever you’d like. Many storage units are drive-up units, meaning you can bring your car or delivery truck right to the door of the storage unit, just like a bay in a factory.

Once inside the storage unit, you have free reign to set things up however you’d like to meet your working style, inventory type, and business needs. Storage units are designed as large, empty, square spaces, making them perfect for installing temporarily shelving, or setting up workbenches or other gear. If you have specialized stock that requires specific types of care, self-storage companies offer units with specialized amenities. If you’re storing pharmaceutical supplies that have to be stored at a specific temperature, you can find a temperature-controlled unit. If you’re dealing with books, fabrics, or anything else that can be damaged by moisture, many units offer humidity control. And if you’re running equipment in the unit, or if you plan on working in the unit for an extended period of time, be sure to look into units with power hookups as well.

Running a business, it’s incredibly important that your stock is kept safe and secure. In a self-storage facility, not only is your unit locked at all time with a keycode that only you know, but entrance to these facilities is generally protected by a locked gate with a guard standing by. Security cameras monitor the facility at all hours, and guards are on hand to look out for suspicious activity. These guards can also serve another purpose: they can be there to sign for deliveries and keep them safe until you can pick them up. This means you can actually use the storage locker as your business’ address.

These facilities also offer another advantage: a variety of unit sizes at different price points. This means that you only pay for the exact amount of storage you need without wasting space or money, but it also means you have the flexibility to change units as your business expands. If you rented or purchased a building, that building would always be the same size. Storage units are rented on a monthly basis, so you can even acquire additional storage on a temporary basis, which is great if you have extra stock to get you through the Christmas rush or for a particularly large order.

Organizing with Self Storage

disorganisedGetting organized is tough.  With each day already filled with way more then we can do, getting in enough time to relax, let alone organize can seem impossible.  This is made only worse when our house or apartment is already filled with way to many things. 

For those looking to remodel their house or work on a room, finding extra storage space for the furniture may be impossible.  However, there is a solution to all these problems.  Self-storage allows for temporary storage of everything in your home, making completing a project or getting organized a breeze.  Lets look at the various ways self-storage can be used to help us get back on top of things.


A place to put everything of one kind.

One of the best uses of self-storage when organizing your life is as a separate location to put everything you may have in a collection.  If you’ve been collecting for ages, but it has taken over your living space, try moving it all to a self-storage lot.  This allows you to take inventory of everything you have, and then work towards putting it back into your living space in an organized and thoughtful way.  Also, shipping it all to a secondary location may give you a breath of creative fresh air as you re-imagine what you may do with your stuff.


Organizing a wine or beer collection.

In a similar vein to using self-storage to get on top of organizing hobbies, self storage can also be used as a place to organize a beer or wine collection.  This is especially true if your collection is around your current house.  Removing it completely and organizing at a secondary location may be exactly what you need to get a grip on what you own, and maybe even discover things you forgot you had.


Storing everything relating to a home business, as commercial storage

Another great use of self-storage is for the self made business owner.  This is especially true when you are running a business out of your home, and require a place to organize the mess of papers, notes, books, files and other things that come with business ownership.  In addition, self-storage offers a temporary storage space as you transition from a home working environment to a proper office.  Until that point, self-storage is the way to go.


Garage storage

Finally, the space most likely to get filled to the brim is a garage.  Here, everything else in the house, which does not have a home, inevitably winds up.  Using self-storage for garage stuff will ensure that you can completely clear it out and go through everything.  Self-storage can become a place where everything you are planning to keep, or everything you are planning to sell, can go.


Self-storage as a means to organize your life

Self-storage can be that extra space that makes an organizational project come together.  Providing a secondary location outside the home self-storage allows for temporary storage as you get your home in order.  With additional fees for extended storage, there is no greater motivator or opportunity to get those impossible projects done.

Tips for Packing Books and Other Items


When you’re ready to move your possessions into storage for safekeeping, choosing the right packing materials and packing your items correctly will make it easier to move your items.  You will need to find boxes and storage containers for packing.  Using boxes from liquor or grocery stores are not the best choice because they may contain food debris or insects that can infest the box while it is in storage.


Gather Your Supplies

Before you start packing the boxes, you will want to gather the supplies you need for packing your belongings.  Along with boxes and containers, you will need shipping tape, bubble wrap, newsprint, markers and scissors.  Go room by room when you’re packing. You don’t want to pack items from several rooms in one box and it is easier to go from room to room with all your supplies instead of having to go between rooms trackingn down supplies.


Don’t Over Pack Books

If you are moving your items yourself, you don’t want to over pack boxes and make them too heavy to move.  It is better to use several boxes and be able to easily carry them than it is to strain your back because you overstuffed a box.  Books may look small, but they are surprisingly heavy when packed together so use several boxes for books.

When you do pack books, stand hardcover books upright with the spines against the side of the box.  Don’t pack them too tightly because you can damage the book when you go to unpack them.  If your hardcover books are valuable, wrap them in craft paper before tucking them into a box to provide additional protection.  You should also cushion the box with crumpled paper or bubble wrap to protect your very valuable books.

You can pack paperbacks flat and stack them in a box or you can pack them with the spines against the box and the paper edges up.  Don’t back them with paper edges down because that can damage your books.  Pack books in smaller boxes so they will be easier to lift and carry.  Clearly mark the boxes so you know they contain books.


Completely Pack Boxes

Fill boxes completely, otherwise they will collapse when you stack them and the items in them could be damaged.  Protect fragile items by wrapping them in newsprint, bubble wrap or your towels when you pack them.  Don’t use old newspapers for packing because the ink can rub off onto your possessions and stain them.  Pack items tightly so they don’t move around too much and break when your transporting them.


Stack Boxes Heavy to Light

Lay down plastic or blankets on the floor of your rented storage unit before packing anything in the unit.  It will provide a moisture barrier and keep your possessions from getting dirty on the bottom.  When you stack your items, put the heaviest on the bottom and try to stack boxes of the same size together.  Add lighter boxes to the top of the stack.

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How to Choose the Right Self Storage Provider

self storage perth

When the things you own outgrow the size of your home, or you need a space to store your things while moving or renovating, you will need a storage area to keep all of your things safe.  Before just jumping into a contract with the first self storage provider you find, there are some things you need to consider.


You will need to find a storage unit that will actually hold everything you need to store.  Furniture takes up quite a bit of space, so you will need to choose a unit that has enough floor space.  You also need to consider purchasing shelving units so that you can maximize the stacking space in the unit.  This will ensure that you do not rent a unit that is much larger than you actually need.


Storage units have varying hours, so you need to make sure you choose one that works best with your schedule.  If you know you will need to do some of the moving in the evenings, or even at night, make sure the provider has hours that work with your own needs.


Self storage providers vary greatly in their pricing, so it is a good idea to compare several different units before settling for the first one you come across.  Many providers also run specials that may sound great at first, only to end up costing you even more when the trial period ends.  Make sure to read the fine print, and get confirmation of all pricing before agreeing to sign anything.


Make sure the units you are considering have some type of security so you know your items will be safe.  Some providers have extensive security measures in place, including:

  • Security cameras at the entrance, exits, and even directly on the units
  • A gated facility that requires a specific code in order to enter the premises
  • On-site security guards that patrol the facility to ensure everything is secure
  • Locking units, or some way of securing your unit so that others do not have access

It is up to you to choose a unit that makes sure your items are protected.  If you are storing high-priced items, or have valuable or heirloom pieces, you will want to make sure to choose a provider that will protect your items in the best possible ways.


You should tour the facility you choose to make sure the facility is clean and well kept.  As you are touring, look for dusty or dirty areas, and make sure the offices, bathrooms, and other areas are clean.  You should also make sure that the staff is clean, and dressed neatly.  This will give you an indication of how well maintained the facility is.

Choosing a self storage mandurah is an important decision, and you need to take the time to choose one that will protect your items properly.  It is quite possible to find a unit that meets all of your needs.